a meeting between greng and goverment


The Directorate of Water Sulaymaniyah and the General Directorate of Water and Sewage met with Greng Company to discuss some common issues and follow up some important points concerning the project of organizing the collection of water fees in Sulaymaniyah.

During the meeting, a comparison was made on some points shared between the company and the Directorate of Water Sulaymaniyah to evaluate the survey work and find solutions to these problems jointly with the Revenue Department in the Directorate of water Sulaymaniyah

During the meeting, some problems were encountered by the company (problems of some places that contain water wells, since there are some places in the middle of the market were common and today became garages or stores and problems of residential complexes) and visit a committee to the sections of the company and research with employees to see how the results of their efforts In addition to field visits to find out the work of the survey of the city and its aspects by the Higher Committee