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The aim of implementing the potable water billing system project is to increase the income, gathering the wages in a specific time, decrease the water wastage, solving the water shortage problem, rising the water flow time and to attain equality in gathering the wages.

Such a project is the first project to be implemented by the private sector and it will be supported by using best and highest quality technologies. Thus, the mechanical water meter will be set into services and the people will be main beneficiaries.

The project will be implemented among all Kurdistan governorates, districts, towns and villages as it has been divided into the following zones:

1-  1st Zone: Erbil Governorate.

2-  2nd Zone: Sulaimaniyah Governorate.

3- 3rd Zone: Duhok Governorate.

4- 4th Zone: Halabja Governorate, Garmyan and Raparin Administrations.

The 2nd zone is our work boundary which including the center and all other district, towns and villages of the Sulaimaniyah Governorate.

The significance and advantages of the project:

-         Equality and integrity in consuming the potable water among the people.

-         Acting wisely during potable water consuming and respecting the national resources.

-          Facilitating for the consumers to obtain the detailed information of their participation and to get familiar with a new and modern system

-         Reduction of water wastage.

-         Resolving the water shortage issue and increasing the water supplying period.

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